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Poem Submission #5


By: Jake Toratti

My mind is racing, These words I'm twisting
I cannot find it, But you keep insisting
Is all this worth, What you wanted to see
Hindsight is perfect, As you wanted to be

I find myself alone, In a room full of voices
What door do I open? There's too many choices
I feel the panic, What do I say?
I forget everything, It always goes this way

Attack on my brain, Sweat down my brow
I wish that I had known, Especially in the now
Waves crashing hard, It just doesn't stop
I push to the bottom, And try to reach the top

Bad timing affects it, Cross it and see
I know that you know, It's more than just me
I'm a ball of nerves, I tremble and shake
It's all too well known, What's really at stake

Sleep is short, And long is the night
Because inside my head, The battles they fight
The clock strikes 7, And I strike back
Every day wondering, What the last day did lack

It's hard being social, After being overflowed
You have to rip the seams, Even though you just sewed
Noises and words, What's in between?
I try to say one thing, But it's not what I mean

Friends don't excite me, As much as my mind
Because in my own world, The mystery I find
I'm just losing touch, Skills not so slick
Go with the current, And the plan might stick

I know I'm a lot, But I also think you should know
The surface is so thin, My thoughts I want to show
I'm just doing my best, Sometimes it's not great
These are just thoughts, On a night so late

Doubt me and lose hope, This time is better than last
Because the feeling inside, Is opposite the shadow I cast
Sometimes I need space, Even though I miss you so
Please don't get upset, I just need a minute you know

It's going to get better, Before it gets to the best
Because this damn thing has love, From inside my chest

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