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Poem Submission #7

Cat and Mouse

By: Marvel Paulson

“Who ever heard of a green cat?”, said Mouse.
But I know there’s one around the house.

I’ve seen him sneak behind the door
And heard him jump down on the floor

From high upon some hidden spot
Where he should be – NOT!

His shining eyes match his greenish fur
Contented sounds come from his purr.

Silently he’ll pad about
And hopefully I’ll not find out.

How sharp his claws, how wide his mouth –

One day we met quite suddenly
“Suppose we could be friends?”, said he.

We’d open up an Inn, you see,
Of course we’d name it after me,

Because I think it would be best
Than calling it the Brown Mouse Nest.

We’d call it the “Green Cat B&B”.
And that is what it came to be.

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