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Poem Submission #17

Daddy’s Little Girl

By: David Withrow

You're Daddy's little girl, I love you with all my heart,
Oh so young and full of life, you're off to a real good start.
The Day you came into this world, you made me so very proud, and ever since that wonderful day, I've been flying on a cloud.
I live each day to see you smile, with your chubby dimpled cheeks, it feels so good to have you in my life, the days seem to last for weeks.
You use your big blue beautiful eyes, to take in all you can, you're so alert and attentive, you've made me a happy man.
So, keep your 'bright light' shining, Keep it 'glowing' through the years, then you'll have a long and happy life, with much happiness and few tears.

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