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Poem Submission #19

First Deer

By: L.F. Speare

The rifle peeked over the edge
high in the deer stand,
his finger on the trigger called,
“Pull on my command.”

The little boy could hardly see
over the frozen rail,
but with his daddy by his side,
he knew he would prevail.

His confidence it mounted, still
with every baited breath,
he knew that his next choice,
would trigger a deer’s death.

Soon, antlers like a waving tree
moved closer to the stand,
filled with anticipation,
he reached for his father’s hand.

His dad whispered, “It’s all yours son,
just breath, and watch, and wait”,
his son mustered the courage,
to decide the big buck’s fate.

The woods exploded with the blast
the buck dropped with the sound,
two smiles, one loud “I got him!”
as two hunters climbed back down.

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