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Poem Submission #12

Flicker (3-28-23)

By: Mike Rusert

Trying to find the last of the tax docs
Mostly finding dead ends
My retirement security doesn’t lie in banks
It rests in the thawing ground
In the Northern Flicker’s red patch and long gray beak

Thank you for gracing me with your presence today
Grass patch below sliding glass door
Where we’re growing seedlings for transplanting
Bronze Arrowhead Lettuce, Amish Paste,
Late Flat Cabbage, Beaver Dam Pepper

Joy + pain
Sunshine + rain
Sing it out God’s Children

I’m getting my news from the crows
more than public radio these days
I get a sense for market health
by counting the herd
And the number of good friends
I’m realizing I can rely on
in a pinch, or in a bout of resentment,
or when my eyes are shown another miracle
and my body won’t rest ‘til my mouth tells someone
Like you!

Have you seen how beautiful the Northern Flicker is?

Our future is secure
It’s all here
In the Brown + White
Yellow, Black spots + Red

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