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Poem Submission #20


By: Ken Becker

I am Here.
Here is a lonely place.
Here is a Box.
I cannot leave the Box.
If I could leave the box, I would be out of Here.
If I could leave, I would go Somewhere.
Somewhere sucks, but it is not Here.
Somewhere is not a Box.
Because Somewhere is not a Box, it is better than Here.
If Somewhere is better than Here, than Anywhere should be better than Somewhere. But Anywhere needs definition.
Anywhere is a Circle.
A Circle is more fluid than a Box.
But just as constricting.
Here is a Box, Somewhere sucks and Anywhere is a circle.
But Over There offers Potential.
Over There has better horizons.
Over There offers a brighter Future.
Over There offers Hope.
I refuse to be bound by Here.
I reject the nonsensical of Somewhere.
I will round the circle of Anywhere and use the momentum to propel me. Propel me
Over There.

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