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Poem Submission #18

Life's Journey

By: Heidi McCluskey

This age we now are living in
Has become for me, so out-of-hand.
It’s not what I looked forward to
And never would have planned.

It’s really hard to understand
How this world has gotten so off-track.
I’m often wondering about a way to bring
What was called “the good life” back.

Now days one may often wonder
Which road ahead to follow.
It is only in keeping our faith in God
That our lives will not be hollow.

Remember, life is not about power
Or how much we can accumulate.
It is more about enjoying relationships
Spreading joy, peace, love... NOT HATE.

I thank God for the good years
And what I've learned along the way.
I'm focused on my heavenly home
That’s the road I'm on this day.

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